Blessings from the Heart Of The Rose ORACLE CARDS

Blessings From the Heart of the Rose Oracle Cards (44-card deck & 166-page guidebook)

The-Lake-small “May the Love and Light shed Blessings on the Landscapes of your Dreams.”  


Blessings from The Heart of the Rose is a 44 Oracle Card deck written by Sheila Murphy.


Sheila has illustrated each card with beautiful pictures that open the heart and create a portal into Beauty, Love and Light.

Each card reflects a unique blessing, emerging from the balance of the Sacred Male and the Divine Feminine as it moves into  Wholeness.

“Each  Blessing is a portal into The World of Faerie, where The Elemental Kingdoms in Nature coax us back into a child-like remembering of who we are.

Each one is about Dreams; whispered messages that sing around The Heart.

There are degrees of insight.

Some rattle the bones of our ancestral knowledge, others trip lightly over forgotten waters.
All capture the essence of Light-filled Magic and touch the heart with Beauty.”

If you would like to know more about this beautiful oracle please contact Sheila . Tel. 07791 564884E mail Return-small Magdalena-small